A word from the CEO
Act now and act big, by Luc Jacquet
Luc Jacquet

After selling my first business and before co-founding BOOSTHEAT, I joined an “active minority” for a few years.

I planted fruit trees and olive trees. I grew an organic vegetable garden. I took up beekeeping. I even ended up learning to plow with horses…

I was convinced that we had to act. And so I did what I could, even if my impact on the environment was fairly minimal.

Founding BOOSTHEAT in 2011 was inspired by a desire to make a bigger impact on the world.

Everything we are witnessing today was already an established fact by then: global warming, need for change, not enough action.
These observations were translated into messages that should have spurred us into action:

  • “The house is burning and we turn a blind eye”;
  • “This planet is our only home: we must cherish and protect it together”;
  • “There is no Planet B.”

But these messages were not enough to bring about sweeping changes.

We need to do more.

As a business, we have a duty to design, develop, produce and market more virtuous solutions for our environment.

And this is precisely what we do at BOOSTHEAT.

We also have the capacity to give full vent to a new “ecolonomic revolution”. This ecolonomic revolution will provide consumers with solutions that are both ecologically responsible and economically affordable.


  • we are the precursors of a new energy era;
  • we believe that an innovation is only meaningful if it is shared by as many people as possible;
  • in the energy world in which we operate, we’re aiming to change that number before the decimal point… or go even further…

Our fundamental desire is to give responsible consumers, who make the final decisions at the end of the day, the chance to make a tangible, meaningful and affordable contribution by switching to our boiler, our innovation and source of pride, and slashing their carbon footprint.

Let's join forces to change that number before the decimal point… or go even further…

Luc Jacquet
BOOSTHEAT CEO and co-founder