BOOSTHEAT’s Technology
Did you day "innovation"?

BOOSTHEAT’s key innovation: the thermal compressor

Like normal boilers, BOOSTHEAT.20 runs on gas. But that’s where the similarity ends: instead of using gas combustion to generate heat (like boiling water in a saucepan), BOOSTHEAT uses it to trigger a heat pump cycle. By integrating this innovation into a thermodynamic boiler, BOOSTHEAT doubles its performance level.

Le compresseur thermique

The thermal compressor is a true technological breakthrough. It is an original, innovative, groundbreaking solution with which we have designed the world’s most energy-efficient boiler. It beats all conventional boilers and heat pumps, even the latest designs.

Natural refrigerant

Natural refrigerant

Conventional heat-pump technology uses synthetic refrigerants that damage the ozone layer (1 kg of standard refrigerant fluid generates as much pollution as 2 tons of CO2), but perform well at low pressure.

While industry and the European Union have galvanized their forces to reduce the environmental impact of these conventional fluids, the impact of their initiatives will only be felt in several decades’ time…

In the meantime, another technology has come to the rescue: CO2! Surprisingly enough, CO2 is a refrigerant fluid that generates 2,000 times less pollution than fluids currently used in heat pumps and 10,000 times less than the fluids found in some fridges! BOOSTHEAT has chosen to develop this technology.

We have found that using CO2 as a fluid (R744 in this case) has allowed us to design extremely robust technologies where the fluid is securely confined, making it more sustainable.

Other advantages underpin our strategic choice, including operation at outside temperatures lower than those catered for by conventional technologies thanks to the auxiliary gas system integrated into our boiler.

Your new heating system therefore wins hands down over all other known solutions.

Integrated high-capacity water heater

The BOOSTHEAT boiler can supply enough hot water for houses with up to three bathrooms. Naturally, for those with more modest requirements, the boiler adapts its operation to deliver only as much hot water as your family needs.

No more wastage while you wait for the water to heat up: hot water is available on tap straight away!

Tailored to your domestic system

BOOSTHEAT.20 works equally well with radiator and underfloor heating systems. Its versatile design is compatible with outdoor air units and geothermal and hydrothermal probes.

You can even change your mind after installation a few extra alterations will do the job!

Integrated high-capacity water heater

Connectivité et maintenance préventive

Connectivity and preventive maintenance

Thanks to the smart connected thermostat, you can put your feet up and stop worrying about your heating system while your savings mount up. BOOSTHEAT 20 is connected to our technical center: our predictive analysis software nips all potential malfunctions in the bud and resolves the problem by remote maintenance if need be.

With your consent, of course!