Environmental commitment
Innovation to protect the environment

Don’t waste a completely free renewable energy source!

BOOSTHEAT.20 generates heat mainly via the heat pump unit, which captures calories from the outside air at zero cost. With this technique, you can cut your energy consumption by up to half.

What energy sources can be used?

While the BOOSTHEAT.20 outdoor unit captures the heat contained in the air, our product is also compatible with geothermal and hydrothermal systems.

Can it produce heat when it’s cold outside?

Yes! During the operating cycle, the refrigerant fluid expands and cools dramatically to around –20C. Upon contact with air at 5C, the refrigerant heats up naturally to 0C. You’ve just generated 20C of heat without spending a cent!

Surely freezing temperature is too low to generate heat?

This is where BOOSTHEAT’s key innovation, the thermal compressor, kicks in: the compressor heats the fluid up to the desired temperature via compression.

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Innovation at the service of the environment

Reduce your carbon footprint

Reduce your carbon footprint by installing a sustainable product

Join the battle against atmospheric pollution and global warming:

  • By cutting your energy consumption by up to half, you automatically reduce your CO2 emissions by the same amount.
  • We use a natural refrigerant fluid (CO2) which generates 2,000 times less pollution than market refrigerants.
  • No fine particles are discharged by the gas-consumption process.

Join the battle against planned obsolescence:

  • We have designed a zero-wear stainless steel compressor requiring no lubrication.
  • We guarantee that the boiler can be repaired over a 20-year period.
  • We offer a 10-year warranty covering parts and labor*.
  • We recycle your old equipment.

*Granted under the BOOSTHEAT warranty and service agreement.

Commit yourselves to the energy of the future

Natural gas is the cleanest and most efficient fossil fuel currently available on the market. What’s more, it’s the most economical.

And if you’re still not convinced, it’s also the energy source with the highest green growth potential:

  • Thanks to the development of biomethane, a gas derived from organic waste which is earmarked to represent 30% of gas consumption by 2030. Committing to biomethane also means supporting the growth of a French-based industry.
  • Gas is the most efficient solution for generating more green electricity and thereby gradually reducing the nuclear share of power generation thanks to power-to-gas technology.

At present, green electricity is at the mercy of climactic contingencies (sunshine, wind, tides, etc.) leading to shortages when conditions aren’t right and loss of surplus production given the impossibility of storing electricity.

Let’s put an end to this waste!

Power-to-gas technology converts this surplus production into hydrogen and injects it into the existing natural gas grid to be stored and made available in accordance with demand.

Commit yourselves to the energy of the future