The most energy-efficient boiler in the world
An innovation designed to enhance your daily comfort

Up to twice as efficient as your current boiler!

The BOOSTHEAT.20 is designed to heat individual households and is fueled by gas combustion and the temperature of the surrounding air.

As renewable energy is free and gas cheaper than electricity, you get an extremely economical heating system.

Up to twice as efficient as your current boiler

Heat pump

The BOOSTHEAT.20 is a two-in-one product that combines the eco-friendliness of a heat pump with the proven efficiency of a condensing boiler.

The calculation is straightforward: depending on the age of your current system, BOOSTHEAT will cut your energy consumption by up to half and reduce your bill by the same amount!

The hybrid design gives you nothing but the best of both worlds.

The most energy efficient boiler in the world*
*Company estimate based on external laboratory test reports (CETIAT and 188% in aerothermal application (A7) | 229% in geothermal application (W10).

The advantages of a heat pump without the drawbacks

While conventional heat pumps lose their efficiency and start guzzling energy as soon as the temperature drops below zero, BOOSTHEAT.20 guarantees maximum efficiency down to an outside temperature of -22C.

This performance is achieved through two innovations:

  • Our thermal compressor allows renewable energy to be captured at temperatures down to -10C.
  • Our hybrid design uses a condensing boiler to gradually compensate for the heat pump’s loss of efficiency, providing a much better performance than an electrical heating element.


Compresseur thermique

Pilotez votre confort

Control your comfort easily using the connected boiler

Track your consumption and control your machine in real time from all your connected devices (remote activation while you are on the move, etc.).

Our remote maintenance system guarantees seamless operation: we analyze regulation system data and forestall potential malfunctions before they occur. This is why we are not afraid to offer you a ten-year warranty covering parts and labor*.

We help you program your boiler by offering operating modes that adapt to your consumption patterns to ensure responsible management of your expenditure and comfort.

*Granted under the BOOSTHEAT warranty and service agreement.

Increase the value of your property by improving its energy label

People tend to think that they can only improve the energy performance of their house by upgrading the windows or insulation.

While these aspects are important if your current fittings are inadequate, it also makes sense to tackle the root cause of the wastage problem.

BOOSTHEAT.20 is rated A++ in energy efficiency. It could help you hike your energy label jusqu’à deux paliers up to two notches.

What better way to enhance the value of your property and keep it on the market?

A survey conducted in 2017 by the website of Notaires de France (the official body of French notary publics) showed that existing houses labeled A to B sold for average prices 6–14% higher than label D properties.

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