Our mission
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Our mission

We can all take a positive view of the world and act.

Through our research and commitment to combat programmed obsolescence, we offer cutting-edge, energy-efficient and sustainable solutions.

Our first technological breakthrough is the most energy-efficient boiler in the world*. Our solution allows everyone to drastically reduce their carbon footprint.

We are more than just manufacturers: we want to empower the consumer, maintain a direct ongoing relationship with our customers and provide affordable solutions to as many people as possible.

At BOOSTHEAT, everyone plays a key role in our collective success. We are proud of our deeply committed, highly talented team who share the same positive outlook on the world.

Take a bold step and help us to usher in the new energy era.

Join the movement.

* Company estimate based on external laboratory test reports (CETIAT and Gas.be): 188% in aerothermal application (A7) | 229% in geothermal application (W10).