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A product that meets today's crucial environmental challenges

Over the years, heating has become a major focal point of energy transition. Accordingly, domestic heating accounts for around 25% of global energy consumption1 while, in Europe alone, almost 50% of boilers are older than their technical lifetime (25 years)2.

As part of its manufacturing activity, BOOSTHEAT also takes into account environmental considerations by opting for equipment that produces the least possible amount of pollution. For example, the Company opted to use a solvent-free component cleaning machine. BOOSTHEAT has also set up a system for sorting and recycling its industrial waste with the support of three specialist companies (RDS, Trédi Séché and Epur). In addition, in February 2020 BOOSTHEAT committed to reducing its use of plastics, banning plastic cups and water containers in its premises and replacing them with water fountains connected to the mains drinking water supply, glasses, reusable bottles, jugs, cups and personalised mugs given to each staff member at Christmas.

1International Energy Agency data – https://iea.org/renewables2018/heat
22016 European Commission Report (An EU Strategy on Heating and Cooling).

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Proactive commitment to CSR

Proactive commitment to CSR

In June 2019, BOOSTHEAT established a continuous improvement policy to promote social and environmental responsibility (CSR). One of the main benefits of this policy, which is fully in keeping with the Company’s values and strategic positioning, is to bolster BOOSTHEAT’s image and commitment. For this purpose, French consulting firm EthiFinance was asked to assign BOOSTHEAT a CSR rating.

EthiFinance’s strategic non-financial appraisal combines two equally weighted scores:

  • a company-oriented rating based on Gaia rating methodology (ESG maturity). BOOSTHEAT obtained a score of 58/100 corresponding to an “advanced” level of ESG maturity. This shows that BOOSTHEAT has made significant progress (up 28 points versus 2017) in all areas. This level of ESG maturity is also promising for a recent start-up and considerably higher than the 43-point average noted by EthiFinance among the “industrial equipment and products” sector benchmark companies;
  • a product-oriented rating based on the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) designed to measure contribution towards sustainable development. BOOSTHEAT obtained a score of 75/100 corresponding to a “major contribution”. This performance is particularly due to the scope (contribution from the entire portfolio, mass deployment feasible and organized, operational manufacturing facilities) and importance (radical innovation, global coherence and continuous improvement policy) of BOOSTHEAT’S contribution.

BOOSTHEAT obtained an overall score of 67/100 placing it in the “Sustainable Leader” category. The appraisal enabled BOOSTHEAT to identify areas of improvement, which mainly concern social aspects and HR.

Signatory to the Regional Climate-Air-Energy Plan

BOOSTHEAT is a partner of the new Regional Climate-Air-Energy Plan set up by the City of Lyon for the coming period until 2030. Official signing took place at the 6th Energy & Climate Conference held on November 28, 2019.

By adhering to the plan, BOOSTHEAT has committed to contributing towards the targets set for 2030. Every two years, the Company will report on the action it has taken with regard to the plan objectives. BOOSTHEAT will also take part in the biennial Energy & Climate Conference and related workshops, which will give it an opportunity to showcase its activities and strengthen the network of the plan’s 145 partners, who are classified into 3 categories: companies, link-actors and institutions.

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Signatory to the Regional Climate-Air-Energy Plan