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01/04/2015 10:35

Energy consumption halved: GrDF and boostHEAT collaborate to develop the next generation renewable energy boiler

A boiler that combines natural gas, renewable energy and saves energy is the ambition of boostHEAT and GrDF through their reinforced collaboration since early 2015. At the core of this technology partnership: the next generation renewable energy boiler!

The new patented technology developed by the young innovative company boostHEAT merges a condensing boiler and a new heat pump using a natural gas fluid: CO2.

A perfect example of complementarity between natural gas and renewable energy (air), its development is a continuation of two projects supported by BPI France and ADEME through the collaboration of boostHEAT, GrDF, Ecole des Mines d'Albi Carmaux and LATEP (Thermal Energy and Processes Laboratory affiliated with the University of Pau and Pays de l'Adour) and the CRIGEN Centre for Research and Innovation in Gas & Renewable Energies).

The focus of these projects is the development of a high-efficiency, innovative thermal compressor with a gas heat pump to reach remarkable seasonal performances (seasonal COP of 5, efficiency equivalent of electric thermal pumps). The boostHEAT boilers will, in two to three years, meet the heating and hot water needs of all types of housing (residential, collective and tertiary) with a very high yield. It will also allow cooling as required.

Luc Jacquet, Managing Director of boostHEAT says "our thermodynamic boiler contains a CO2 heat pump cycle that will allow us to halve energy consumption at its nominal operating point compared to current condensation boilers". Laboratory tests have already validated the expected performance and the first tests in real conditions are scheduled for winter 2015.

A partnership to combine expertise and make progress

At the core of the boostHEAT-GrDF partnership: exchange of expertise and know-how, the definition of technical specifications, laboratory and field tests and preparation for marketing.

"This technology is a real breakthrough for the heating and air conditioning market", says Alain Mille, Development Director at GrDF. He adds "it is further proof that the combination of natural gas and renewable energy is a real solution for a successful energy transition".

Partner of the entire natural gas sector, GrDF has supported boostHEAT and its innovative technology for two years and is strengthening its partnership around the industrial development of these solutions and their gradual introduction to the market in 2017-2018.

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French leader in energy efficiency, boostHEAT designs and develops the next generation of efficient thermodynamic boilers in the housing and tertiary sectors. Based on patented technology, the range of equipment developed by boostHEAT combines heating, hot water and air conditioning solutions.

GrDF (Gaz Réseau Distribution France) is an independent subsidiary of the GDF SUEZ group, founded by the natural gas distribution subsidiary. Main operator of the natural gas distribution network in France with 12,500 collaborators, GrDF operates the largest European network: 196,940 km of pipelines (i.e. five times around the earth!). A network that serves more than 9,500 communes (more than three of four French persons live in a commune served by GrDF natural gas) or 11 million customers. As an expert of gas energy with a public service mission, GrDF is the preferred partner of the gas industry, and of actors in the energy and development sectors.

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