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16/12/2016 10:30

Fluxys invests in innovative gas technology and acquires a stake in boostHEAT

Brussels/Lyon, 16 December 2016 – Six years after it was founded in 2011, boostHEAT is raising funds in a bid to finance the industrialisation phase of its thermodynamic boiler. Fluxys has decided to enter the capital of the company and will have  a 7.39% share in the company as well as a member in the Board.


The boostHEAT thermodynamic boiler is an innovative technology of unmatched performance that exploits the complementarity between renewable energy and natural gas. It offers substantial savings for consumers by halving energy consumption while providing the same level of comfort and ease of maintenance as a conventional boiler. Industrialisation of the boilers will take place at Bosch's industrial site in Vénissieux, France, where boostHEAT moved its headquarters in September 2016.


boostHEAT's founders Jean-Marc Joffroy and Luc Jacquet said: "We're especially pleased to welcome Fluxys on board as a core shareholder. For us it's a form of recognition by a key player in the gas industry. It's also an opportunity for boostHEAT to accelerate its commercial deployment on the Belgian market."


Fluxys CEO Pascal De Buck said: "Gas and gas technology combined with renewable energy have a key role to play in reducing emissions of carbon dioxide and other harmful substances such as particulate matter. That's why Fluxys is also developing in innovation-related activities: we want  to speed up the development and time-to-market of new applications that further capitalise on the strengths of gas technology. boostHEAT is our very first investment in this area: it's a unique technology and we're proud to lend our support to boostHEAT's spirit of innovation."


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About boostHEAT 

A French player in energy efficiency, boostHEAT is designing and developing a new generation of efficient and environmentally responsible thermodynamic boilers for homes and commercial buildings. Based on patented technology, the product portfolio developed by boostHEAT combines heating, hot water and air conditioning solutions.


About Fluxys

Fluxys is a Belgium-based, fully independent gas infrastructure group. The company is a major gas transit operator and its offering combines gas transmission, gas storage and terminalling of liquefied natural gas (LNG). Present throughout Europe, the company focuses on safe, efficient and sustainable operations, quality services in line with market expectations and creating long-term value for its shareholders.

Besides its pipeline, storage and LNG terminalling assets in Belgium (owned and operated by NYSE Euronext listed Fluxys Belgium), Fluxys' partnerships include ownership in an LNG bunker vessel with Zeebrugge as its home port, the Interconnector and BBL pipelines linking the UK with mainland Europe, the Dunkirk LNG terminal in France, the NEL and TENP pipelines in Germany, the Transitgas pipeline in Switzerland, the Swedegas infrastructure in Sweden and the TAP pipeline under construction between Turkey and Italy, which will bring gas from Azerbaijan and other potential sources to Europe.

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