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05/07/2016 08:00

Signing of a cooperation agreement with Bosch on the revitalization of the Vénissieux site

5 July 2016

The agreement signed with the German manufacturer Bosch, on 2 July 2016, allows boostHEAT, a French industrial company in energy efficiency, during the second half of the year to progressively prepare the deployment of its industrial activities on the site in Vénissieux.

boostHEAT will be able to develop and industrialise its new generation of heat pump boilers for the new and existing building markets, by taking advantage of an already operational site and the skills of the reclassified employees of Bosch.

This revitalisation agreement follows a study by Bosch of the boostHEAT technology and the business plan for its Vénissieux site.

Indeed, with the gradual production stoppage of diesel components produced on this site for technological and economic reasons, Bosch researched a new industrial activity to offer as a reclassification opportunity to its staff. The agreement provides for fifty hiring proposals to be made by boostHEAT to employees of the diesel division of Bosch, by the end of 2018.

boostHEAT will move its headquarters to the Vénissieux site in September 2016 and will realise the first recruitments from the staff of the Bosch diesel division by the end of this year, 2016.

About boostHEAT
A French industrial company in energy efficiency, boostHEAT develops and manufactures a new generation of heat pump boilers that provide heat, hot water and air conditioning for the home and larger residential and commercial buildings.
Based on a patented thermal compression technology, the product portfolio developed by boostHEAT produces a natural gas efficiency of up to 200%.
boostHEAT is an environmentally responsible company that has integrated renewable energy into the heat pump boiler, thus reducing the production of greenhouse gases.

Jean-Marc Joffroy et Luc Jacquet stated: "We found on this site, the industrial experience and the culture of quality products that matches the demand that we have set to transform our technological breakthrough into a commercial success. Our ambition is to build in Vénissieux, based on our thermal compression technology, an industry of the future in the field of energy efficiency."

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Jean-Michel Marmillon

Press Relations

Tel : 01 53 67 36 73 / 06 13 39 03 26

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