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29/09/2015 17:20

Building Innovation WorldChampionship 2015: GrDF centre-stage


For the 2015 Building Innovation World Championship, GrDF received double honours for its support of companies developing innovative solutions for a successful transition to green energy, cementing its role as a partner for the entire gas industry.

GrDF was awarded:

  • A Gold Medal in the category for “Systems using renewable energy” for working with boostHEAT to develop a renewable energy boiler using CO2 as the thermodynamic fluid, halving energy consumption compared to current condensing boilers
  • An Honourable Mention in “Energy Performance” for its work with Chaffoteaux to develop Aquanext Opti, a solution combining an Individual Thermodynamic Water Heater with a gas condensing boiler

The boostHEAT thermodynamic boiler and Chaffoteaux's Aquanext Opti will be on display at the GrDF Innovation Space (stand 1 D 133) at the Interclima+elec trade show held during the Building World Championship 2015 on 2-6 November at the Paris Nord Villepinte Parc des Expositions.

A gold medal for boostHEAT, revolutionary patented boiler made in France

A perfect illustration of how natural gas and renewable energies can work together, the boostHEAT boiler combines a condensing boiler with a new heat pump using a natural fluid: CO2.

The secret of the boostHEAT boiler is the development of a highly efficient innovative thermal compressor to serve a gas heat pump able to obtain remarkable seasonal performance (seasonal performance coefficient of 5 in electric heat pump equivalent).

Luc Jacquet, CEO of boostHEAT, states that, “Our thermodynamic boiler uses a CO2 heat pump to halve energy consumption at a given operating level, in comparison to current condensing boilers”. Lab tests are underway to confirm our expected performance, determined using the proven effectiveness of the thermal compressor. The first tests in live conditions are scheduled for winter 2015.

The BoostHEAT boiler will, within 2-3 years, be able to meet the heating and hot water needs of all kinds of buildings (homes, apartment buildings, tertiary buildings) with a very high yield. It can also be used to cool buildings as needed.

A partner of the entire natural gas sector, GrDF has been supporting boostHEAT and its innovative technology for 2 years, and has strengthened its partnership with the industrial development of these solutions and their gradual release onto the market in 2017-2018. At the heart of this partnership between boostHEAT and GrDF is the exchange of skills and know-how, the definition of technical specifications, laboratory and in-field testing and the preparation of marketing.

This technology is a real breakthrough for the heating and air-conditioning market”, reports Alain Mille, Director of Development at GrDF, before adding, “it's further proof that using natural gas and renewable energies together is a real solution for a successful transition to green energy”.

Honourable Mention for Energy Performance for Aquanext Opti from Chaffoteaux, a hybrid RNGas water heater

Aquanext Opti works thanks to an innovative concept: hot water is pre-heated by a water heater fitted with a heat pump supplied with fresh air. The condensing boiler to which it is connected makes up the difference by heating it to the temperature set point. The boiler can also heat the home.

Anne-Frédérique Gautier, Marketing Director at Chaffoteaux specifies that, “The thermodynamic water heater and condensing boiler are fitted with regulators so that they operate in the temperature ranges at which they are most efficient, noticeably improving ‘renewable' production compared to an electrically boosted thermodynamic water heater”.

In addition to the benefits arising from the innovative concept behind it, Aquanext Opti also stands out with:

  • an optimised storage capacity (200L) while also guaranteeing instant hot water production thanks to cascade boost
  • efficient hot water production with a base level and boost that work in optimal ranges, getting the most from the aerothermic RE source
  • easy to install and low cost investment, without any additional cost to construction of new homes.

For Alain Mille, Director of Development at GrDF, “This innovative RE-Gas technology, that we have been developing with several manufacturers, provides an effective response to current challenges facing new build homes, in line with RT2012 in all climate regions”.

GrDF At the Building World Championships 2015 at the Interclima+Elec trade show

For the 2015 Interclima+Elec trade show held as part of the Building World Championship, GrDF will once again help the sector to analyse the technological trends and challenges involved in the transition to green energy.

GrDF is an energy expert and benchmark, and invites you to discover the most efficient natural gas solutions and combinations with RE, as well as new ways to use energy, across all markets now and in the future.

At the GrDF stand (Hall 1 - Allée D - Stand 133), professionals are invited to join experts in our seven spaces displaying:

  • The most efficient and natural gas products, and the most innovative developments for the demands of different markets (housing, apartments, renovations, tertiary sector, etc.).
  • Focus in natural gas' place in the transition to green energy
  • Analysis and views of Cegibat's actions to support the sector.

A benchmark player in the energy sector and gas power expert, GrDF (Gaz Réseau Distribution France) is the main gas network

operator in France, with 12,500 staff.

GrDF runs Europe's longest network: 120,918 miles.

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