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07/12/2015 10:00

boostHEAT wins project under the COP 21 "future air-conditioning and cooling system" call for proposals launched by the French ecology and sustainable development ministry and ADEME

December 7, 2015

boostHEAT, a French energy efficiency manufacturer that is designing and developing a new generation of renewable energy boilers for the housing and tertiary markets, has just been awarded the project under the call for proposals jointly launched by the French ecology and sustainable development ministry and ADEME (French Agency for the Environment and Energy Management). The award was presented to boostHEAT's new board chairwoman Anne Lauvergeon by Ségolène Royal last Friday at the Paris-Le Bourget exhibition center.

The “future air-conditioning and cooling system” call for proposals was launched by the French ecology and sustainable development ministry and ADEME to support innovative development of more eco-friendly A/C and cooling systems that have no impact on the ozone layer and help reduce greenhouse gas emissions. The call targets refrigeration and air-conditioning systems in residential buildings and the tertiary sector (offices, hotels, shops, retirement homes, nurseries, etc.).

The project was awarded to boostHEAT in recognition of its disruptive technology based on thermodynamics.

boostHEAT has developed and patented an innovative technology solution capable of cutting energy consumption on heating by half[1], providing an efficient solution to the major environmental challenge of rendering household and tertiary sector heating more efficient.

The innovation is based on a groundbreaking combination of two technologies already widely used in the housing and tertiary markets, namely the condensing boiler and the heat pump.

The boiler is thermodynamic insofar as it uses the heat generated by high temperature natural gas combustion, not to reheat the heating circuit (radiator) but to activate compression of the CO2 refrigerant used in the heat pump cycle.

Using CO2, a natural non-polluting fluid, as a refrigerant helps generate the high temperaturesrequired to run a combined high-efficiency heating and domestic hot water system.

Furthermore, using natural gas as an energy source ensures a constant supply of domestic hot water and self-sufficient heating during cold spells. The boiler range designed by boostHEAT for the residential and tertiary sectors could subsequently be made reversible to act as a cooling system.

The thermal compressor prototype has been up and running for two years and two boiler units are currently undergoing certification and qualification.

A propos de boostHEAT
Acteur industriel français de l'efficacité énergétique, boostHEAT développe et industrialise une nouvelle génération de chaudières thermodynamiques pour la production de chauffage, d'eau chaude sanitaire et de climatisation à destination du logement individuel, collectif et tertiaire.

Basée sur une technologie brevetée de compression thermique, la gamme d'équipements développée par boostHEAT permettra d'apporter au gaz naturel un rendement thermique allant jusqu'à 200%.

boostHEAT agit en entreprise responsable en intégrant dans ses chaudières thermodynamiques une part d'énergie renouvelable réduisant ainsi la production de gaz à effet de serre.

Jean-Michel Marmillon - Relations Presse - - 01 53 67 36 73

[1] Compared to condensing boilers

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