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04/12/2015 10:00

boostHEAT, a French energy efficiency manufacturer, has appointed Anne Lauvergeon to chair its Board of Directors.

December 4, 2015

boostHEAT, a French energy efficiency manufacturer, has appointed Anne Lauvergeon to chair its Board of Directors.

Anne has acquired in-depth knowledge of the energy sector, international markets and innovative companies from her experience at the head of major French industrial groups. At boostHEAT her mission will be to step up the company's industrial and commercial development.

In response to the challenge of global warming, boostHEAT has developed a new generation of renewable energy thermodynamic boilers. Eco-friendly and efficient, they offer an innovative solution for providing heating and domestic hot water to individual households, collective housing and the tertiary market. As boilers account for 30% of end-user energy consumption by households[1], they are a key issue for energy transition. boostHEAT's solution, which innovatively combines a patented thermal compressor with the best features of a condensing boiler and heat pump, allows households to cut their energy consumption by half compared to conventional condensing boilers and reduce their greenhouse gas emissions accordingly. The boostHEAT boiler has a thermal efficiency[2] of up to 200%.

The first boilers are currently undergoing qualification and certification with a view to market launch towards the end of 2017. boostHEAT is based in Nîmes and has its own R&D center in Toulouse. The company currently has 34 employees including 15 R&D technicians.

Luc Jacquet and Jean-Marc Joffroy said: “We are very proud to welcome Anne Lauvergeon at the head of boostHEAT's Board of Directors. Her wealth of experience of industry and on the boards of major internationals combined with her in-depth knowledge of the energy sector will act as strong drivers to step up the pace of boostHEAT's development. Our company has reached a number of key milestones since its inception, the latest being the manufacture of its first boilers. Now we are poised to step up our growth and international expansion.”

Anne Lauvergeon said: “With over 150 heads of state attending COP21 at the moment in Paris, climate has never been a more pressing global issue. boostHEAT innovates on a daily basis to combat global warming and reduce our energy consumption. I am delighted to join this adventure and contribute towards developing these solutions for the sake of our planet.”

A propos de boostHEAT
Acteur industriel français de l'efficacité énergétique, boostHEAT développe et industrialise une nouvelle génération de chaudières thermodynamiques pour la production de chauffage, d'eau chaude sanitaire et de climatisation à destination du logement individuel, collectif et tertiaire.
Basée sur une technologie brevetée de compression thermique, la gamme d'équipements développée par boostHEAT permettra d'apporter au gaz naturel un rendement thermique allant jusqu'à 200%.
boostHEAT agit en entreprise responsable en intégrant dans ses chaudières thermodynamiques une part d'énergie renouvelable réduisant ainsi la production de gaz à effet de serre.

Contact boostHEAT
Jean-Michel Marmillon
Relations Presse – 01 53 67 36 73

Contact Anne Lauvergeon
Roxane Planas
Relations Presse – 01 53 70 74 84

[1] BSRIA: Energy for households - 2013

[2] Ratio of heat output produced by the boiler to the heat generated by burning the fuel (net calorific value). A natural gas condensing boiler has a maximum thermal efficiency of around 110%.

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