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06/05/2015 16:40

British Gas to field trial boostHEAT Heat Pump Boiler

6th May 2015

The boostHEAT combi-boiler to be installed in England later this year

boostHEAT and British Gas signed a memorandum of understanding, which includes the Heat Pump Boiler trial by British Gas, later this year. British Gas, the largest energy supplier in the UK, with circa 15 million customer accounts, typically installs 100,000 heating systems per annum.

The Heat Pump Boiler, boostHEAT's combi-boiler, is a very efficient and renewable heating and hot water system for the home, fuelled by natural gas and renewable energy. Providing an expected annual efficiency of up to 175% for hot water production and home heating (based on the EU Ecodesign Directive 55°C High Temperature profile and lab tests).

Jean-Marc Joffroy, boostHEAT Co-Founder and Deputy CEO, added : “The UK is a large market, accounting for 17% of the European heating system market. boostHEAT is excited to have British Gas, the historic natural gas supplier, trial our first system in the United Kingdom.”

The Heat Pump Boiler is the fusion of the boiler and the heat pump, into one very efficient and renewable system, made possible by the patented boostHEAT Thermal Compressor. The boostHEAT Thermal Compressor activates an air-water CO2 heat pump and achieves a very high efficiency without the need for expensive geothermal wells or solar panels. With the disruptive thermal compressor technology, boostHEAT has developed a new generation of very efficient and renewable heating, hot water and cooling systems for residential and commercial buildings, fuelled by natural gas and renewable energy.

Luc Jacquet, boostHEAT Co-Founder and CEO, added : “We are multiplying the number of actors in the energy sector we are working with, as we expand our reach”.

As previously announced, the French natural gas distribution company, GrDF and CRIGEN (GDF SUEZ Centre
for Research and Innovation in Gas and New Energy) will also begin field trials of boostHEAT Heat Pump Boilers in France later this year.


boostHEAT, an energy efficient heating and cooling company based in France, has developed a new efficient
and environmentally responsible Heat Pump Boiler for the residential and commercial market. Based on a
patented technology, boostHEAT is producing a range of renewable heating, hot water and cooling systems.


Jean-Michel Marmillon - Press Relations - – (0033) 1 53 67 36 73

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