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22/04/2015 10:35

Dalkia and boostHEAT collaborate to develop new reduced energy consumption technology

22 April 2015

Dalkia and boostHEAT have signed a partnership to test and market a new generation of gas boilers designed and developed by the start-up. Dalkia is committed to promoting these new gas-fired thermodynamic boilers to its customers.

The development of new energy systems requires designing, building and operating ever more efficient and economical facilities which reduce CO2 emissions.

BoostHEAT has developed an innovative concept, a thermodynamic boiler which halves gas consumption and allows a significant improvement in energy efficiency.

Dalkia, a leader in energy transition, enables its customers to save money. Exchanges with Dalkia, initiated in 2013, allowed boostHEAT to consider the development of its technology and position it not only on the retail market, as originally expected, but also on community and tertiary markets. This demonstrates the ability of this new technology to cover a large energy efficiency sector and meet the most diverse needs. Dalkia will implement the solutions co-developed with boostHEAT in collective housing, tertiary and public buildings, but also in industrial sites.

As part of this collaboration, tests of this new type of boiler will be carried out with Dalkia customers during the winter of 2016-2017. The boostHEAT technology will be marketed from 2017 and coupled with DESC (Dalkia's facility management centres), will drive energy and environmental progress even further.

With expertise in energy services, Dalkia promotes innovative companies in production and energy consumption methods. This ambitious and innovative project represents a pragmatic implementation of energy transition.

"These new thermodynamic boilers are developed based on original, patented thermal compression technology using a heat pump cycle with a natural fluid, and reduces energy consumption by 50 % compared to condensing boilers", indicates Jean-Marc Joffroy, Director General of boostHEAT.

"As an expert in energy efficiency, our group promotes innovation, notably through partnerships with innovative SMEs. With boostHEAT, we offer our customers a new solution that will complement our offers to reduce bills and environmental impact", says Jean-Michel Mazalérat, President-Director of Dalkia.

Dalkia, a leading energy savings in France

Dalkia, a subsidiary of the EDF Group, is the French leader in energy services. Dalkia offers its customers solutions tailored to the size of every building, city, community, country and industrial site. Dalkia is rising to the challenge of the energy transition challenge and enables its customers to benefit from its control of the entire energy chain, from energy supply to optimisation of consumption, through the maintenance and management of facilities and its commitment to controlling consumption and ensuring long term performance guarantees.


French leader in energy efficiency, boostHEAT is designing and developing the next generation of efficient thermodynamic boilers in the housing and tertiary sectors. Based on patented technology, the range of equipment developed by boostHEAT combines heating, hot water for sanitary use and air conditioning solutions.


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boostHEAT - Jean-Michel MARMILLON : +33(0)6 13 39 03 26 -

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