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BOOSTHEAT General Meeting to be held on 10 June 2021 behind closed doors

Vénissieux, 5 May 2021


Given the health crisis caused by COVID-19 and in accordance with government measures to curb its spread[1], the Board of Directors has decided to hold the General Meeting on 10 June 2021 behind closed doors, in the absence of shareholders and other persons who would normally be entitled to attend.


The notice for the General Meeting, including the agenda, draft resolutions, and the main procedures for participating and voting at the meeting, was published on 5 May 2021 in the Bulletin des Annonces Légales Obligatoires (French BALO) no. 54.


The Board of Directors meeting of 30 April 2021 appointed HOLDIGAZ and KOZINET as scrutineers, who were selected from among the ten shareholders holding the most voting rights.

All information and documentation relating to the General Meeting referred to in Article R. 225-73-1 of the French Commercial Code may be obtained from the Company's registered office at 41 boulevard Marcel Sembat, 69200 Vénissieux, France, and on its website https://www.boostheat-group.com, Investors/ General Meetings.


Given that shareholders will not be able to attend the meeting in person, they are invited to cast their vote by post or grant proxy to the Chairman[2]. These voting procedures are set out in the appendix below. Further details will be provided in the invitation, which cancel and supersede those set out in the aforementioned notice of meeting.


Shareholders are informed that the General Meeting will be streamed live and posted for later viewing (technical details to be specified in due course).

It will not be possible to put questions or propose new resolutions during the meeting. Questions must be sent by registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt to the Company address or by email to investisseurs@boostheat.com. Written questions will be accepted provided they are received before the end of the second business day prior to the date of the General Meeting, i.e. by 8 June 2021.


Shareholders are invited to check the Company's website https://www.boostheat-group.com regularly, specifically the Investors/General Meetings tab which may be updated to specify any final rules for participating in the General Meeting in light of health and/or legal considerations that may arise subsequent to this notice.


Shareholders wishing to ask any questions relating to the General Meeting scheduled for 10 June 2021 are invited to write to investisseurs@boostheat.com.


For more information on BOOSTHEAT visit



Founded in 2011, BOOSTHEAT designs, develops, manufactures and sells high-tech energy efficient and sustainable heating solutions. Fitted with a patented thermal compressor, the new generation BOOSTHEAT boilers offer up to 200% efficiency and can cut energy consumption by up to half. More economical and eco-friendly than existing solutions, BOOSTHEAT boilers immediately generate dramatic reductions in environmental impact.

The Company's mission is to accelerate energy transition through its products by making them affordable to the widest possible spectrum of the population. BOOSTHEAT has its head office and manufacturing plant in Vénissieux, near Lyon (historically an HVAC* industrial zone). The Company holds the Entreprise Innovante (Bpifrance) and French Fab labels. The BOOSTHEAT share is listed on Euronext Paris, Compartment C (ISIN: FR0011814938).

* Heating, ventilation and air-conditioning 




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BOOSTHEAT – Sabrina Ferré

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[1] Specifically, Order 2020-321 of 25 March 2020, as extended and amended by Order 2020-1497 of 2 December 2020, and Decree 2020-418 of 10 April 2020, as extended and amended by Decree 2020-1614 of 18 December 2020 and Decree 2021-255 of 9 March 2021.


[2] Should a shareholder wish to appoint a specific individual as their proxy, they must contact the Company. Please note that proxies, like shareholders, shall not attend the meeting in person.

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