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Venissieux, December 16, 2021

BOOSTHEAT (FR0011814938 / ALBOO), a French industrial player in the field of energy efficiency, announces that it has successfully completed a first measurement campaign in the CETIAT (CEntre Technique des Industries Aérauliques et Thermiques) laboratories, confirming the efficiency of its thermal heat pump and its compliance with the standardized performance criteria allowing it to be marketed.

In June 2021, BOOSTHEAT has decided to focus most of its internal efforts on its innovation, the thermal compression, and to simultaneously expand the target application range of its thermal heat pump.

Thus, the company is working on improving the performance of its heat pump for various applications such as heating a single-family house and the supply of domestic hot water (DHW) for multi-family houses and collective buildings.

At the same time, the company has embarked on a process of measuring the performance of its products, first in the laboratory and then in real conditions. These measurements are systematically validated by independent experts and customers.

With this in mind, BOOSTHEAT launched last November a measurement campaign at CETIAT to establish a benchmark for the performance of its heat pump after more than a year of fine-tuning its reliability.

The results show that the heat pump developed by BOOSTHEAT now has a GUE (Gas Utilization Efficiency) of 168% on the A7W35 point of reference (measured according to EN 12309-3). The results of this first campaign also confirm that the performance levels achieved by the thermal heat pump are already in compliance with the regulatory criteria allowing the product to be marketed.

The BOOSTHEAT teams are working on improving these performances.

A second measurement campaign starts tomorrow and should last until mid-January. It should confirm the progress made and validate promising initial measurements of the product's performance for high-temperature applications such as domestic hot water production.


Founded in 2011, BOOSTHEAT operates in the energy efficiency sector. The company's mission is to accelerate energy transition by integrating its technology into energy-intensive applications. BOOSTHEAT has designed and developed a thermal compressor protected by 7 patent families that significantly improves energy consumption in order to promote the reasonable and appropriate use of resources.

BOOSTHEAT has its head office, research center and manufacturing plant in Vénissieux, near Lyon (historically an

HVAC* industrial zone). The company holds the Entreprise Innovante (Bpifrance) and French Fab labels. The

BOOSTHEAT share is listed on Euronext Growth Paris (ISIN: FR0011814938).

* Heating, ventilation and air-conditioning


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