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boostHEAT presents world's most energy-efficient boiler at Interclima trade show

Paris Villepinte, le 07 novembre 2017

boostHEAT, an energy transition company that recently entered the heating solutions market, is taking part in the Interclima trade show from November 7-10, 2017. This is a golden opportunity to present its new generation boiler, the world’s most energy-efficient model, to the French market.

At the last trade show (Interclima 2015), boostHEAT was awarded the renewable energy boiler prize. Over the last two years the company has reached a number of R&D and industrial milestones and will start marketing the new boiler in 2018.

boostHEAT confirms targeted performance levels at around 200% of primary energy for its boilers. boostHEAT’s new generation boiler derives its thermal efficiency from thermal compressor technology developed and patented by the company, which activates a thermodynamic heat pump cycle that captures a large portion of the freely available and renewable heat contained in the air or ground.

The boostHEAT boiler is the first generation of natural gas boilers to yield a thermal performance (GUE1 or Gas Utilization Efficiency) close to 200% of NCV (Net Calorific Value).

To give an example, our initial trials yielded the following performances for the various applications:

  • 160% for heating by high-temperature emitters, air source, outside temperature 7 degrees.
  • 179% for heating by high-temperature emitters, groundwater source, temperature 7 degrees.
  • 177% for underfloor heating, air source, outside temperature 7 degrees.
  • 202% for underfloor heating, groundwater source, temperature 7 degrees.

These results will subsequently be improved (by 10-15%) by optimizing the regulation and efficiency of certain components; the final values will be confirmed by an official testing lab in a few months’ time.

These performance levels represent an unprecedented breakthrough on the individual boiler market by a product without rival in terms of performance, noise reduction, nitrogen oxide emissions, ease of installation and compatibility with existing systems.

2017: Focus on industrial scale-up

Based at its new head office in Lyon, boostHEAT is currently building its production unit: 2 robotized assembly lines will be delivered early in 2018.

Unrivaled performance serving energy transition

The new generation boostHEAT boiler reduces gas consumption by up to half compared to existing condensing boilers and by up to 65% compared to older generation boilers.

With regard to the environment, the new generation boostHEAT boiler reduces pollutant emissions by half thanks to its unrivaled efficiency (up to 200%) and the use of a natural refrigerant (CO2) 1,000-2,000 times less polluting than standard CFC gases in use. There is no other solution that allows households to make such drastic cuts in energy consumption.

2018: Lift-off!

boostHEAT will market its heating solution through an affordable and comprehensible offer targeted at end consumers in France, Belgium, Switzerland and Germany.

This is a turnkey heating solution including delivery, installation, financing, maintenance and an extended warranty.

This marketing model makes the innovation accessible to all and allows costs, quality and customer relations to be managed in a way that takes the sting out of the dreaded “boiler replacement” and enables home owners to make a more responsible purchase. boostHEAT plans to gradually release its boilers on its four main markets from mid-2018.

What next?

boostHEAT’s industrial facilities have the capacity to step up production to 50,000 units and factor in new boiler specifications derived from ongoing engineering processes.

In 2018, boostHEAT will step up its participation in events organized in its target markets (Swissbau in Switzerland, Batibouw in Belgium, Intherm and Hannover Expo in Germany to begin with) and will shortly begin taking pre-orders.

In order to optimize and scale up the boiler installation process, boostHEAT will carry out the first installations itself before setting up a nationwide and European network of certified installers receiving regular training at its training center.

Lastly, boostHEAT is already able to announce a development in its boiler designed for the residential market, to be completed by the end of 2018 through a partnership with Butagaz aimed at developing a propane boiler

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Hall 1 / Stand D157

Sabrina Ferré
Communication Manager
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About boostHEAT

A French industrial player in energy efficiency, boostHEAT designs, develops and industrializes the new generation of boilers for the production of heating, domestic hot water and air conditioning for individual, collective and tertiary housing.
Based on patented thermal compression technology, the range of equipment developed by boostHEAT provides natural gas with a thermal efficiency of up to 200%, thereby reducing the energy bill by two. boostHEAT acts as a responsible company: its thermodynamic boilers incorporate the use of renewable energy, thereby reducing the production of greenhouse gases by half.
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1Temperature conditions as per European standard 12309, at a fixed (35C for underfloor heating and 55C for high-temperature emitters) or variable flow temperature.