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BOOSTHEAT has clocked up another success, this time in Germany. At the German Gas Innovation Awards (Innovationspreis der deutschen Gaswirtschaft) held in Berlin on November 22, the BOOSTHEAT.20 was voted Innovative Product 2018. This prize for excellence was awarded in recognition of BOOSTHEAT’s endeavors and commitment to reducing energy consumption in people’s everyday lives.


BOOSHTEAT bras robot

BOOSTHEAT is writing a new chapter in its industrial history. For several weeks now, the industrial complex occupied by this pioneer of the new energy era has resounded to the whirring of its new production line machinery. Installed in Vénissieux near Lyon, France, the line serves to manufacture and assemble the world’s most energy-efficient boiler. This new boiler is a disruptive innovation developed in order to give everyone the chance to contribute towards future changes in the environment.