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boostHEAT installs energy efficiency production line in Vénissieux

Lyon, October 23, 2018


boostHEAT is writing a new chapter in its industrial history. For several weeks now, the industrial complex occupied by this pioneer of the new energy era has resounded to the whirring of its new production line machinery. Installed in Vénissieux near Lyon, France, the line serves to manufacture and assemble the world’s most energy-efficient boiler. This new boiler is a disruptive innovation developed in order to give everyone the chance to contribute towards future changes in the environment.

A futuristic production line geared to manufacturing excellence

Summer 2018 was a productive period at boostHEAT: after several weeks of installation and fine-tuning, the production lines designed to manufacture the boostHEAT.20 have finally been installed at boostHEAT’s industrial plant in Vénissieux (Lyon).

boostHEAT has installed an automated production line on the 7,000 m² industrial complex in order to manufacture the core component of the boostHEAT.20, the thermal compressor. Combining performance and innovation, robotics and ergonomics, the line was designed in parallel with product development in accordance with Industry 4.0 standards and precision mechanics. Boiler assembly is carried out on separate, more flexible, manual lines.

The new production line will be officially inaugurated on November 27.

Traceability and safety are key attributes of the manufacturing process

From the start of the production process, the metrology department will monitor component quality with micrometric precision using state-of-the-art measuring apparatus. Manufacture will then be closely scrutinized using QR codes and RFID chips at each stage of production to ensure optimum traceability. This system will be backed up by automatic poka-yoke (“mistake-proofing” in Japanese) camera and supervision systems tracking assembly operations and component quality. The production process ends at the test benches, where helium airtightness tests are conducted to guarantee seamless quality for the boostHEAT.20.

18 months!

That’s all it took to scale up production of the boostHEAT.20. Having signed a revival agreement with Bosch, boostHEAT is breathing a new lease of life into an iconic industrial landmark in the Lyon region, besides:

  • hiring 30 skilled and experienced operators to optimize the roll-out of manufacturing processes;
  • developing a future industry for the new energy era;
  • settling in a region with a strong existing HVAC (heating, ventilation and air-conditioning) footprint in close proximity to a number of sector suppliers and service providers.

All the ingredients are on hand for accelerating production start-up in compliance with standards worthy of the automotive industry.

A showcase for French Fab manufacture

boostHEAT Chief Industrial Officer Jean-Luc Margand said: « A new milestone in our industrial scale-up, this production line is the tangible outcome of the disruptive development launched by boostHEAT. Inspired by the best of Industry 4.0 and designed for optimum performance and product quality, it will serve as a paradigm for promoting French manufacture. »

boostHEAT is proud to bear the French Fab label, a symbol of its commitment to the French reindustrialization program launched by economy and finance minister Bruno Le Maire in conjunction with Bpifrance. The boostHEAT.20 is a product designed, developed and manufactured in France. It has led to the establishment of a network of over 100 suppliers in Europe, over half of whom are based in France, and the creation of around 90 jobs.

boostHEAT is the first company to be installed on the Future Industry Campus set up by the Lyon metropolitan council, a worthy first tenant fully in tune with the technological and innovative ecosystem the city wishes to create to continue its industrial traditions.

boostHEAT.20 – a disruptive innovation set to revolutionize the energy market

boostHEAT’s thermal compressor has dramatically changed the game on the energy and boiler market. This natural gas-powered disruptive technology has a thermal efficiency of up to 200% and ushers in a brand new generation of boilers.

boostHEAT co-founders Luc Jacquet and Jean-Marc Joffroy explained: « The thermal compressor we have developed is a true technological breakthrough and a new generator of energy. Although it will be used first for heating, the technology can be duplicated and applied in a number of areas. Cooling systems or power generation, the scope of possibilities is endless and will allow everyone to make a contribution to energy transition. »

For the moment, this technology has been developed for heating individual residences. However, it is destined to be adapted for widespread use in commercial and industrial buildings and collective housing, to give everybody, individuals and businesses alike, the chance to contribute to the new energy era.


Pioneer of a new energy era since 2011, BOOSTHEAT has imagined, developed and patented a breakthrough technology that revolutionizes the energy consumption of the home: a thermal compressor that provides an efficiency of up to 200%, dividing up to two times the energy bill and giving birth to a whole new generation of boilers. BOOSTHEAT provides a unique, immediate and concrete solution on the market to enable everyone to become a player in the new energy era. For more comfort, BOOSTHEAT provides all the services for its customers - design, manufacture, sale, installation and maintenance - and guarantees 10 years * for parts and labor. BOOSTHEAT has set up its head office in Vénissieux, in the Lyon region (historic basin of the HVAC industry **).

*Extension of commercial guarantee granted as part of the subscription to a BOOSTHEAT maintenance and guarantee contract.
**Heating, ventilation and air-conditioning, i.e. heating, ventilation and air conditioning in French.